Cooking Classes

Discover the secrets of Sicilian cuisine

Learn how to prepare the typical dishes of Sicilian tradition following the hints of a skilled cook; discover the unique taste of freshly picked products and of the wine produced at the feet of the volcano. We offer a tour into the best Mediterranean wine and food tradition.

In a familiar atmosphere, the courses of cuisine of San Leonardello Farmhouse represent the opportunity to live a fascinating journey through first and second dishes, side dishes and desserts of Sicilian tradition. Sicilian cuisine  results from the influence of the many cultures dominating the island during the centuries and which have contributed to make it rich, healthy, simple and delicious at the same time. The ancient receipts handed down orally and the skill acquired with time will allow you to learn how to create original and tasty dishes. At San Leonardello’s we use zero kilometre products, always seasonal and fresh ones, in order to let you discover fragrances and tastes of Mediterranean diet. Every participant will be allowed to directly pick vegetables and fruits which will be used as ingredients for the food preparation, and will receive, free of charge, the apron with the farm logo, together with the booklet of the course of cuisine.

Standard course:
Standard courses last 3 hours plus the duration of the meal with the dishes prepared during the course.
From 9 to 6 people the Cost is 80 euro for one person including lunch or dinner and drinks (water and local wine)
From 5 to 3 people the Cost is 90 euro for one person including lunch or dinner and drinks (water and local wine)
For 2 people the Cost is 100 euro for one person including lunch or dinner and drinks (water and local wine)


Combined course: (Standard course + extra item at guests’ choice)

The cooking classes are reserved for overnight guests.
On request availability and prices for small external groups.

– Tasting sessions with the best Sicilian wines held by A.I.S. sommeliers (minimum 4 persons)
– Visit at local markets to buy fresh fish
– Fetching mushrooms with a guide on Etna
– Preparation of marmalades
– Courses are held in Italian language or, on request, in English or German (translation service not included in the price)

Other available courses are:
– Vegetarian cuisine
– Tasting of typical products
– Courses of knitting
– Beekeping courses with visit of beehives
– Courses of organic farming

We’ve been chosen for our cooking classes by:
– Mars Italy
– San Pellegrino
– Nokia

Contact us at to request information and book your course of cuisine