Educational farm

For schools and for the youngest, an entertaining tour looking for lost tastes, good dietary habits and Sicilian agricultural tradition.

The ecology school and the teaching farm of San Leonardello Farmhouse represent the ideal way to offer itineraries of environmental education in which to discover the world all around us through the use of senses. Children will be guided in this path where, through the game, they will be able to apply natural sciences and understand the consequences of every little daily action on nature, in order to get the intimate relation between man and Mother Land.
The didactic activities are occasion for understanding the strong connection between agriculture and the history and culture of the territory, highlighting the relations among food consumptions, productive systems and the safeguard of the environment, educating to critic and aware consumptions.

We suggest different personalized didactic paths, with variable costs as a function of the activities involved and duration of the visit. It is possible, upon previous agreement, to consume a meal or a snack.

For info and reservation of the paths of the educational farm write to

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