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San Leonardello Farmhouse

A simple story, full of emotions and changes, where nature, with its ability to tell the story of Sicily, is the only protagonist.

We are Vera and Saria Calabretta, and since we were little we have breathed in the scent of orange blossom, the flower of the lemon tree. The love for these places has led us to want to continue a story rich in emotions and traditions. These lands on the slopes of Etna were bought at the end of the 1800s by our grandfather Rosario Calabretta, a descendant of a family of citrus exporters.

Many of the plants still present in the garden are the same ones planted and cared for with love and passion by our grandfather. In the early 1900s lemon cultivation was so predominant in this part of Sicily that the whole Ionian area is still called the ‘lemon Riviera’.

Since 2000, thanks to an idea of our parents and driven by the desire to share and enhance this place that is dear and special to us, we have decided to start an agritourism activity. The houses that now welcome our guests were the country houses where the family used to gather and spend most of the summer.

We are very proud to preserve this historic garden and have decided to produce by limiting the environmental impact according to the method of organic cultivation (ICEA certification).

Environmental sustainability and the desire to preserve the history of this place have always guided our choices. This is why we have focused on multi-functionality, providing new job opportunities and launching educational, catering, event organisation, cooking courses and processing activities for our products, which can be tasted by booking a visit to the facility, or purchased in the online sales area.

Much of the land in this area of Sicily used to be vineyards, which were destroyed by a parasite (Phylloxera) in the second half of the 19th century. As evidence of this period, it is possible to admire, in one of the cottages, the old wine press of the 19th century, which we have fully maintained. The farmhouse also has several varieties of citrus fruits, a rich vegetable garden and various fruit plants.


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